Grand Story


In Grand Story, you are playing as an older lady living in a rural area. Apart from doing your daily routine, you are also waiting for a letter from a grandson.


Grand Story was made during Serious Game Jam to create a social impact. Therefore at the end of the game, we encourage players to contact their elder relatives. And if they do so, we offer to share their stories with us. You can find some of those stories below.

  • I contacted: "My mother"

    It went: "My mother is disabled and very sick right now. Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus I am unable to visit her. I miss her hugs and warm smile as she misses mine. We cry each day that we do not get to see each other. Even though we are at a distance from each other, our love is still very strong."
  • I contacted: "My grandma, she is a wonderful person. Very nice and goes through her days like the character in Grand Story."

    It went: "I called her, and told her that I loved her and told her how I was doing. She responded with the same and some other things that were happening around the house. We had a few laughs and chuckles then she had to hang up because she needed to make dinner."
  • I contacted: "Grandparents"

    It went: "Very well"
  • I contacted: "My grandmother, who lives in Russia. She makes awesome pancakes."

    It went: "She was happy we called her."
  • I contacted: "My Grandmother"

    It went: "Really nice but sad because I cant see her due to the pandemic :("
  • I contacted: "Avó"

    It went: "Sempre esqueço de responder ela, mas vou tentar evitar esquecer"
  • I contacted: "I haven't contacted anyone yet. I am going to boarding school soon enough. I'm not the kind of person who can easily chat with family members. This game encourages me to actually check up with my mom later when I'm already at school."

    It went: "We'll see."
  • I contacted: "My mother. She left home, leaving only my father to raise and feed me and my brother. It wasn't a divorce, but she left because she selfishly wanted to. I used to hate her for being selfish and we often got into arguments whenever we met. But then I realize that I am still her daughter. Although she never makes up to be a wholly good mother but then I don't want to be ungrateful either. So I wanted to meet her again, trying luck."

    It went: "It was tense. It started normally with her asking things about me and my brother like what school is my brother enrolled in now, and if I have already got a job or not. Then like always, she started blaming my father for things that he never did. She also brought back sensitive topics and we ended up arguing. It wasn't a good reunion, but at least I managed to tell her that I am thankful for all the things she did back then and that would try to love her again if she changes herself. I left her then, wishing her to be able to become."
  • I contacted: "My grandpa"

    It went: "Great"
  • I contacted: "I've contacted my great-aunts and my grandma (I've been writing letters). My great-aunts are 94 and 84, the elder is having some health problems and I haven't seen her since summer of 2019 when I went to visit her and my other great-aunt who is doing well. My grandma is 90 and has Alzheimer's."

    It went: "Good, my great-aunts both respond and are always happy to talk with me. My grandma appreciates when I call her and although she doesn't respond to my letters because she forgets, I hope she knows that I love and miss her so much."
  • I contacted: "I decided to contact my sister and my brother. My sister's name is Mackenzie and my brother's name is Skyler and they are both older them me and we all do not live in one house my brother and sister both moved out at seprate times and they moved into different houses."

    It went: "It went awsome (ignoring the fact that well they were both mean like big siblings can be but i still love them)."
  • I contacted: "My Grandma."

    It went: "Good."
  • I contacted: "After that game , i remembered my grandma and that she is very ill and she cant make the house and its a mess, so i phoned here after 6 months"

    It went: "we talked...but i learned that she died before 2 days and even if she was waiting for us to celebrate christmas she died because of sadness and lonelyness. I regret ignoring her and not talking to her for so long because of her situation , she was my grandma after all ,what have i done..."
  • I contacted: "Гра дала задуматися наскільки важливо спілкуватися з рідними, особливо коли вони знаходяться дуже далеко і нікого не має поблизу. Я вирішив поспілкуватися з бабою і дідом. Якраз Різдво на днях."

    It went: "Приємне і душевне. Давно не було такої розмови. Бо все робота, навчання, а інколи треба просто поговорити про що болить, що заважає. Дякую!"
  • I contacted: "My grandpa he just had a massive heart attack so I called him"

    It went: "Emotional we both ended out crying"
  • I contacted: "My best friend, we didnt talk for a long time"

    It went: "Its about a chess competition at our school and i asked her first about it since when we were younger, we used to play together."
  • I contacted: "My grandma, who is about in her 50's per say and really loves cooking, and crouching."

    It went: "It was nice, and felt heart warming in a wholesome way."
  • I contacted: "Grandfather"

    It went: "I don't get to see my grandfather very often because when I moved three years ago, I moved quite far away from him. I know he loves me a lot and I do too, but I'm very anxious and hate making phone calls. After playing through this game, I found the courage to call him up and talk for a while. We had a nice talk about how school is going for me and how he's doing, and I promised I would come and see him soon. I don't see him often but I know he misses me and I can hope that I'll be able to see him soon."
  • I contacted: "My grandma. Even though she has dementia it was still nice to speak with her."

    It went: "Our conversation was limited. Even though she doesn't remember me. I still let her talked for hours and hours. I wanted to learn more about her before she passes away. My grandma was 101. She was there since the beginning. Sadly, she died in 2020 due to Covid. Even though she forgot me. I will always remember her."
  • I contacted: "I decided to call my cousin, we are close, but only when we see each other over the summer; if that makes any sense."

    It went: "She didn't answer for a while because her phone wasn't with her, but when she did I told her about the game and apparently she needed thumbtacks."